What is a Menehune?

Menehunes are to the Hawaiians what Leprechauns are to the Irish. Their temperament, however, is not as mischievous as that of their Irish counterparts. Instead of being notorious for pulling pranks, the Menehunes are jolly and magical little people with a knack and penchant for performing charitable deeds.

It is said that all the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands exists because of the Menehunes: clearing logs away, lowering hills, and sweeping paths. Each feat the Menehunes take on must be completed in a single night – between sundown and sunrise. You’ll often hear people say, “The Menehunes must have done this. How else would it have happened overnight.”

“They’ve told me they like Trader Vic’s.” -Victor Bergeron

The Legend

According to legend, these mystical little folk still live in caves high up in the mountains of the Hawaiian Islands. A few very special people are sometimes allowed to see and talk to the Menehunes, but you have to drink a glass of Menehune Juice for this little miracle to occur. If you look close enough, you just might find these little Menehunes after enjoying the exotic food and fabulous libations at Trader Vic’s.