Flour 4 Cups


Sugar 4 Cups

Baking Soda 4 Teaspoons

Corn Starch 5 Table Spoons

Baking Powder 2 Teaspoons

Kosher Salt  2 Teaspoons

Buttermilk 2 Cups

Vegetable Oil 1 Cup

Room Temperature Eggs 4 Each

Vanilla Extract  or Almond Extract 2 Teaspoons

Two Tea Bag, Earl Grey Tea. 2 Cups (hot



For icing:

Butter (room temp) 1 pound

Powdered Sugar 1 1/2 cups

Passionfruit Puree 3/4 Cup

Vanilla or almond Extract 1 Tabelspoon

Toasted Coconut  or Toasted Almond to finish

Directions: Sift together the dry ingredients several times.

Mix together all the wet ingredients (add the hot tea last),

incorporate the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients until just combined.

Pour into 2" hotel pan, and Bake 320 degrees for 30 minutes

or until cake tester comes out dry. Pull out of oven and let cool before cutting.

For icing: use the paddle attachment and paddle butter till smooth,

add sugar and passionfruit puree, and mix until incorporated.

Coat cake and then coat with toasted coconut to finish, or toasted

almond to finish (if doing the almond cake.)