Established by the legendary "Trader" Vic Bergeron in 1934, these iconic establishments offers a culinary voyage that transports diners to exotic locations. With a rich history spanning decades, Trader Vic's continues to captivate patrons with its unique blend of global cuisine and tropical allure.

A modern spin on a classic concept, featuring a bevy of signature cocktails, tasty bites, and live entertainment. We believe that preparing food can be just as entertaining as eating it. You can count on fresh ingredients from around the globe that sizzle and sear to create deliciously-prepared small plates & bar bites; a satisfying alternative to a full meal, whether you’re dining for one or sharing among friends. Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Lounge is an oasis for the adventuresome and a place to be seen.

This reimagined version of Vic’s original Señor Pico features modern California-Mexican cuisine in a casual atmosphere that combines with a vibrant experience inspired by the mercados in Mexico. The lively and entertaining atmosphere creates an energy that you feel right when you walk in the door – we believe that food is fuel for the fiesta, and you of course, should never ever leave thirsty!

Island Bar and Grill by Trader Vic's offers a family-friendly and casual dining concept, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests of all ages. The establishment not only provides a full bar for those looking to unwind with drinks but also boasts outdoor dining options, allowing patrons to enjoy their meals in a relaxed outdoor setting. Adding to the vibrant ambiance, Island Bar and Grill frequently hosts live performances, enhancing the overall dining experience with entertainment for its customers.

The Bamboo Room by Trader Vic’s is an immersive, sensory journey that transcends the ordinary cocktail experience. Nestled within a lush, tranquil oasis, this concept embraces the essence of escapism and indulgence.
The Bamboo Room embodies the ethos of Trader Vic’s—honoring the legacy of tiki culture while infusing it with a contemporary flair. It’s a celebration of craftsmanship, innovation, and the sheer joy of discovery in every sip and experience

Roa A’e embodies the essence of a modern tropical ultra lounge, igniting the night with an intimate yet vibrant atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from Trader Vic’s legacy, this venue seamlessly merges the allure of classic cocktails with a contemporary twist, inviting guests into a realm of sultry ambiance and neon-lit sophistication

Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Tahitian Village by Trader Vic's, where lush and colorful surroundings, adorned with bamboo and natural wood details, transport you to a Tahitian oasis. The seamless integration of Tahitian huts into the design creates a laid-back paradise, offering a tranquil escape and a genuine sense of being whisked away to the idyllic charm of the South Pacific.

Welcome to Trader Vic's Outpost, where we bring the iconic Trader Vic's experience to airports and lobbies. Immerse yourself in the distinctive ambiance that seamlessly incorporates the timeless décor elements of the original Trader Vic's, faithfully replicated to stay true to the brand's legacy. At Trader Vic's Outpost, we aim to transport you to a world of tropical elegance and culinary excellence, offering a unique and memorable dining experience in the midst of your travels.

Trader Vic's Tropical Drinks, a classic tiki bar that beckons with its small yet captivating charm. Nestled in the shadows, this dimly lit sanctuary offers a unique blend of imagination and kitsch, creating an atmosphere that transports you to an exotic realm. The ambiance is a symphony of darkness and exploration, where every corner reveals a visual treasure trove.



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